Welcome to I/O Terror

For now this site is supporting volunteers who are willing to help transcribe some discussions by individuals who are doing their best to preserve human rights in the early twenty-first century.

These individuals will include, eventually, Edward SnowdenThomas DrakeWilliam BinneyJulian AssangeJacob Appelbaum, Glenn GreenwaldLaura Poitras, Eben MoglenBruce SchneierNoam ChomskyChris HedgesLawrence LessigJesselyn Radack as well as Canadians David LyonAnn CavoukianMichael Geist, and John Ralston Saul.

Offers to help, of any kind, are appreciated.

The transcription of video presentations on I/O Terror is supported by the Scripto plug-in for Omeka. Please email us if you wish to volunteer as a transcriber.

I've started with several interviews with Edward Snowden and a few presentations by Eben Moglen and Bruce Schneier.

Recently Added Items

Eben Moglen - Better than Rage Against the Machine... (2017-09-25)


"Better than Rage Against the Machine: Saving Privacy in One Hell of a Dangerous World"

"Privacy is about environment, not transaction and consent.…

Machiavelli's Mistake: Why Policies Designed for "Wicked Men" Fail


Samuel Bowles, Professor, Santa Fe Institute
September 18, 2008

Taking account of our ethical dispositions and the conditions necessary to both…

Altruism, Parochialism, and War: Rambo Meets Mother Teresa


Samuel Bowles, Professor, Santa Fe Institute
September 17, 2008

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A Cooperative Species (or are we just afraid someone may be looking?)


Samuel Bowles, Professor, Santa Fe Institute
September 16, 2008

Since Darwin, the evolutionary origin of these and other examples of altruistic…